The Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology 

A Science Based Course For The Reflexology Professional Developed And Taught By Dr Jesus Manzanares M.D.                            

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2 Day Course: Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd September 2018 

  • Day 1- Specialisation in location of foot reflex areas.
  • Day 2- Specialisation in interpretation of foot deposits.

Sunday 23rd September 2018: A Special One Day Seminar on Chronic Pain Syndromes

Venue: Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate , London W2 3NS

This continuing education course in reflexology is based on 30 years of  research and proven clinical techniques of Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D. Exclusively developed for the reflexology professional by an integrative medicine physician and researcher, this cutting edge training is unique to traditional reflexology education. Dr. Manzanares travels from Barcelona, Spain to personally instruct the classes in the U.S. and now in the UK exclusively with Reflexology Academy.

The training is open to all health professionals, doctors and educators and provides a rare chance to learn beside this contemporary pioneer who has impacted the field of reflexology with his ground-breaking contributions. There is no prerequisite required; however a reflexology foundation is advised.

There is a strong focus on hands-on work with extensive demonstrations and a combination of lecture, student's exchanges and learning the reflex areas by drawing on each other's feet. Every student will experience Dr. Manzanares' personal reflexology touch. Media teaching aids include video projection of demonstrations, MRI and radiology imaging, biopsy study graphics, EEG graphs and research slides. Each class varies in presentation and can include but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Reflexology concept from a scientific perspective
  • The nervous system's role in reflexology
  • Neuro-physiology of the reflexology impulse
  • Biopsy of foot tissue deposits to study composition
  • Deposit characteristics related to specific disorders
  • Manzanares Method foot-to-body mapping
  • Components for reflexology protocols
  • Theoretical vs. real foot assessment
Manzanares Method

To gain a deeper understanding of the therapeutic and clinical application of reflexology requires in-depth education beyond basic reflexology training. It requires knowledge of sound neuro-physiological principles and science-based theory. Reflexology's increasing role within contemporary healthcare has widened the opportunities for professional reflexologists.

"Reflexology can be defined as a reflex technique that is based on the neurobiochemical action produced by stimulating a specific area of the foot that results in a general or partial repercussion in the body. This is possible because of the somatotopicrepresentation (mapping) of the human body on the foot, where every organ is reflected on the foot".

Students report that the Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology has impacted them more than any other reflexology training. Dr. Manzanares pulls the participants into a world of advanced science-based knowledge about the body's neurophysiology and the foot-to-body connection.

Dr. Manzanares' curriculum for classes in the U.S. and now the UK is based on his original goals he has achieved in reflexology research. Students will learn how fundamental these research findings are for all reflexologists:

  •  Validation of how reflexology works (mechanism of action)
  •  Accurate anatomically-based maps of foot reflex areas and the foot-to-body connection
  •  Specific reflexology protocols for health conditions and disease

Special One Day Seminar on Pain 

This one day special course will cover Chronic Pain Syndromes and will include the following:

Research, Principles and Protocols for helping those who suffer with Rheumatic Diseases, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Learn the reflexology protocols developed by Dr. Manzanares and that he integrates in his medical practice with patients.

Rheumatic diseases are painful conditions usually caused by inflammation, swelling, and pain in the joints or muscles. Some rheumatic diseases like osteoarthritis are the result of "wear and tear" to the joints. Other rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, happen when the immune system becomes hyperactive; the immune system attacks the linings of joints, causing joint pain, swelling, and destruction.

Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue: FM is a condition characterized by body aches, pain, sleep problems, extreme fatigue, depression and anxiety. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME/CFS) is much more than dealing with extreme fatigue but with a wide range of other symptoms, including flu-like symptoms and chronic pain. After years of research, experts now suspect that something called central sensitization is at least partially to blame for ME/CFS. They also believe that's what makes it so similar to fibromyalgia, which shares many of the same features.

Friday 21st till Sunday 23rd September: Full 3 Day Course Fee is £450

Full 3 Day Course Fee for returning students is £400* (see note below)

Friday 21st September & Saturday 22nd September: 2 Day Course Fee is £375/£300*

Sunday 23rd September: One Day Seminar on Pain Seminar £180**

£150  - Deposit secures your place on the course (all deposits are non-refundable).


Please write the PROMO CODE AUGUST10 after your NAME on the registration form.

Please note  * discounted price is for returning students only that have completed a 2 Day Seminar with Dr Manzanares.

** Special one day seminar is for Dr Manzanares returning students only. 

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