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About Reflexology Academy

Reflexology Academy aims to provide the highest standard of professional training and continuous development in the field of Reflexology. We are passionate about reflexology and believe that the excellent practical training which we deliver is essential for, and forms, the corner stone of any good professional reflexology practice.

We at Reflexology Academy strive to inspire our students with the very best of what reflexology has to offer, for both the beginner, and the experienced therapist. In addition to our professional practitioner training courses, Reflexology Academy offers an extensive post graduate programme of workshops including Advanced Reflexology Training (ART), and has the privilege to host leading reflexologists from around the world to educate in their specific specialisms.
Our practical training skills and techniques are the result of over 25 years of continuous personal clinical experience and training.
Reflexology Academy is fully accredited by Professional Reflexology, and the only school delivering the RA Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Reflexology

Our Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Reflexology training is recognised by Professional Reflexology (PR) and the Association of Reflexologists (AoR). Both PR and the AoR highly respected professional Reflexology organisations in the UK with government recognition and are both accrediting organisations for the CNHC (the UK's complementary health regulator).

Reflexology Academy was established by Hagar Basis, lead Principal tutor of Advanced Reflexology Training (ART) for practicing reflexologists and Course Director for the International Institute of Reflexology UK for over 16 years, delivering numerous diploma courses in the Original Ingham Method of Reflexology (OIM). Reflexology Academy served as the only course provider for the level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology in London, which Hagar taught for nearly a decade. She has had the privilege to teach both in the UK and internationally while continuing to see clients in her private practice. Hagar’s 31 years of practical experience as a reflexology educator and practitioner has enabled her to refine, adapt and enhance techniques for their therapeutic effectiveness, integrating the very best for a unique and powerful approach which is integral to Reflexology Academy’s practical training programme.